After a disappointing loss last night, The Red Sox are looking to take game 2 from the Indians with their real ace David Price on the mound. Coming back to Boston 1-1 is now a must for the Red Sox if they want to win this series. Going down 0-2 in a 5 game series is a death wish. Despite Price’s poor record in the postseason, the Red Sox are expecting him to get the job done. In my last post, I mentioned I would’ve liked Price in game 1 more than Porcello, but it’s too late now.

The Indians also have their ace on the mound tonight in Corey Kluber but he is pretty much pitching on one leg with a groin injury. The Red Sox have to make him throw pitches and get on him early if they want to win this game. You can’t let Kluber get comfortable and let him go more than 5 innings with the injury he has.

The Indians offense last night shocked me. I knew they had power capability, but no way I saw them hitting three home runs in an inning. I don’t think they can do that again, but they still can get on Price early and make him pay. Not giving up the home run ball is going to be key for Price, who has had trouble with that this year and you can’t do that with this Indians team as we saw last night. If Price can get in a rhythm within the first inning and get the first couple batters down, he will be fine. They need Price to go deep into this game and limit the bullpen usage.

The Red Sox offense is going to be fine I believe. They got on Bauer and he only went 4 and 2/3 innings. The offense just didn’t hit 3 home runs in one inning and that’s pretty much the reason they lost. They’re are going to need more production from Betts, Bogaerts, and Ortiz if they want to make a run in this postseason. Bogaerts was a great player in the 2013 run and I’m hoping he can get hot. Big Papi just needs to be Big Papi and continue his historic final season. Betts is a MVP candidate this year and needs to keep that up in the postseason.

I am expecting the Red Sox to squeeze this game out with some early runs off of Kluber and let David Price work with a lead and let him go as deep as he can. I’m expecting Big Papi to be the key to this game with either a home run or a couple RBIs.

Final Score: Red Sox 3 Indians 2

JTA (@jtalden11)