Do we all remember the time that our very own founder and janitor, TPR challenged me to a game of FIFA. The amount of disrespeck he threw at me that day was almost to much to handle.

The original post was deleted when we switched systems, so for those who don’t remember, Tony Penelope Rouhana, or TPR for short, called me out through a post that completely blindsided me. I was taking attacks from all over. My integrity was called into question when he stated that I had refused to play him in FIFA. He called me scared. He called me an excuse-maker. He called me on my cellphone, and I had to step up.

That day, I responded with some tweets.

Now, TPR took his sweet time to practice and learn the rules of FIFA, but the game finally happened. He finally played me in FIFA. Unfortunately, we were not able to broadcast on Twitch, for sake of public embarrassment of the janitor.

We played two matches that both featured Liverpool (ME… YNWA) and Manchester United (TPR). The first match was pretty even, with myself pulling out a narrow 2-1 victory. The second match was where the floodgates opened, and all was gone for our poor founder. A 5-2 thrashing at Anfield resulted in a quick exit from the Xbox Live party.

TPR Challenged Me

He didn’t say specifically why he left the party so abruptly, but I assume it has something to do with the sniffles I heard, as tears began to fly. We all knew this day was coming, but the trash-talking was no match for my incredible skill at the game of FIFA. We will completely leave out the fact that TPR did not remember to put his starting goalkeeper, De Gea, in either match. We will focus on the outright beat-down I placed on the one they call the janitor.

Just know, whenever my integrity and skill is called into question, I will always fight to clear my name. (As long as the fighting is playing a 12 minute video game that requires little to no thought)

I hope we all learned a valuable lesson here today. Mike doesn’t lose.

If anyone is interested in ACTUALLY challenging my skill in FIFA, please feel free to DM me.




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