The only thing you can do worse than the crime is be the one snitching on another man’s crime. There is an unspoken code that exists in any male establishment that D’Angelo Russell breached. Everyone has heard by now what he did, if not click here: (link)

While one rookie was busy snitching, another rookie wasn’t. Kristaps Porzingis has not snitched on anyone today. I think its important to acknowledge this simply because Kristaps Porzingis is awesome. A lot of people want to find reasons to take away his hype and say D’Angelo Russell is a better rookie than him. Now, I know its not fair to hold a God to us mere mortal’s standards and its disrespectful to even think Kristaps would do such a thing! However, I just felt the need to point out that he didn’t snitch today and nobody hates him so go Kristaps.


P.S if Kendrick Perkins had snitched on Swaggy P, everyone would hate Swaggy. #KendrickGoatkins