Steph Curry has been lights out from everywhere. I spent a lot of time trying to explain how he does it and I’ve come to a conclusion….

I give up, there is clearly only one explanation left for how Steph Curry can shoot this good…he sold his soul to the devil. Somewhere along the line at Davidson he stumbled himself into a Bedazzled type situation. The Devil noticed the good looking little guy with a hot girlfriend and being the Devil he can obviously see into the future and knew they would have just the cutest little girl ever and knew he was the perfect choice. With the way he could shoot already Steph knew this was the push he needed to send him to next level, so he sold his soul to be the best shooter ever and it must have finally kicked in the last two seasons because he has accomplished it. He is basically like Brendan Fraser in Bedazzled when he becomes the basketball player. If you are not familiar with this classic motion picture you should look it up for two reasons; One being its hilarious, the other being Elizabeth Hurley is just so fine the whole movie. Any who he sells his soul to becomes a basketball player who jacks it from anywhere on the court and turns to the crowd to celebrate before it even goes in, every time. So yeah, pretty much Steph Curry. No one has ever seen anything like this and its making older players just hate because they have nothing else to say about it.


They don’t understand how someone can be so good so they just hate on the defense being played on him and say they would stop him. Eventually everyone will realize there is no stopping him, and its not because how much he practices. Somewhere there is the Devil disguised as a beautiful woman pulling all the strings. I cant say how well it will end for Steph. Lord knows it didn’t end well for Brendan Fraser, all I know is I’m enjoying the show and cant wait to watch the rest of his career which in the end might be the best career of all time. I’m not a fan of the Devil but I’m not going to complain about this one, lets just look the other way.