Rick Porcello and the Boston Red Sox have reached an agreement on a 4-year, $82.5 million contract extension for the newly acquired Starting Pitcher. The breakdown for Porcello’s deal look like this:

Signing Bonus: $500,000

2015: $12.5 million (Did Not Change)

2016: $20 million

2017: $20 million

2018 $21 million

2019: $21 million

Porcello was acquired by the Red Sox during a trade for Outfielder Yoenis Cespedes, Pitcher Alex Wilson, and Pitcher Gabe Speier. In Porcello’s six years with Detroit, he posted a 76-63 record with a 4.30 ERA. These are middle of the road numbers for a career. Last year, he did have his lowest ERA of his career, 3.43, but he also had a record of 15-13.

The Red Sox have such a powerful line-up that Porcello, as well as many pitchers in this rotation, should be able to put up a good record. His record should see a huge improvement from his career in Detroit. The Red Sox front office knows that Porcello can be a good pitcher in this rotation and instead of him going into free agency next year after a great year and getting a bigger paycheck somewhere else, the team decided to keep him here now before the price raises.

Why offer 4-year $82.5 million to Porcello, but only 4-year $70 million to Lester?

The Red Sox must really be taking this “no big or long-term contracts to players over 30” thing to heart. Lester may have, at least, listened to that offer instead of the $70 million they offered him. Lester would have been 34 by the end of this deal, and the Red Sox may believe that he is passed his prime and that the end of the deal is not worth the money they are going to be paying him. On the other hand, the team now has Rick Porcello who will be only 30 years old at the end of this extension. If he wants to come back and pitch on a one or two year deal, then the Red Sox will probably be willing to take on another contract with him.

Good work to get the deal done early by the Red Sox.