Breaking News: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to investigate the New England Patriots for their role in the demise of the Cleveland Cavalier’s offense. A team with three all-stars (Four Max Contracts), is expected to go toe to toe with any team in the NBA. For them to lose by over 10 is an eye opener. Well, the Cleveland Cavaliers have regressed so badly, it has lead the lord and savior of sports, Roger Goodell, to step in attempt to save the day. The NBA is fortunate that Goodell is not busy these days. It’s not like he has any domestic violence issues or HGH issues to investigate. Sources (may or may not be Chris Broussard) tell us that Roger intends to measure the PSI of the basketballs after the game. It is believed that the lower PSI of the basketballs may be why LeBrick cannot stop bricking. It is also reported that team officials have reached out to Pat Riley for Joey Crawford’s number. The one thing Roger is certain of, somehow, the Patriots are behind this. Stay tuned for more updates on the issue.


On a serious note, when will the Cavaliers fire David Blatt? I’m sure his brand of basketball was great in Europe. I’m also sure Europe would love to have him back, but this is the NBA.