The Internet Wrestling Community, IWC, is the absolute worst. At first sight, you’d think this was a phrase used to categorize any fan of pro wrestling who uses the internet. Its only until you start interacting with wrestling fans online that you realize what the IWC really is. It’s a group of narcissistic, selfish, and controlling brats who are never happy with any outcome that the WWE produces and always complain about it. Want to enjoy sports entertainment? Don’t go online. If you think I’m being harsh, you’ve either never met them or you are them. The Internet Wrestling Community is the worst, and here’s why:

A nicer way to describe their function, according to ProWrestling is, “The IWC focuses mainly on the “behind the scenes” issues and real life stories as opposed to the scripted content that is seen on TV”

In reality, they believe they exist to control the script and outcome of every WWE event.

Urban dictionary presents a more accurate representation of who they really are, The “IWC” is basically a group of Pro Wrestling “Smark” fans that spend the majority of their life in Message boards or Wrestling chat rooms. They usually tend to argue with women and children (extremely pathetic in nature)and pose an arrogant attitude. People of the “IWC” are generally social rejects that tend to fit extremely well with the typical suburban highschool geek or misfit. However the ones that are much older will tend to have facial hair, and appear ungroomed.

A great example of their behavior can be examined through their reactions to Roman Reigns throughout the years. Unless a technical wrestler or a heel is in the main picture, IWC isn’t happy. Roman Reigns was a fan favorite before the 2015 Royal Rumble until the fan favorite Daniel Bryan returned. When Roman beat him to punch his ticket into Wrestlemania, the petty IWC didn’t get what they wanted, and the boo’s started. These boo’s continued for over 300 days until Roman started behaving the way WWE fans wanted him to behave. Vince McMahon understands these people more than anyone. He showed how easy it is to make them cheer Roman in a few weeks. In the same city that boo’d Roman, he got cheered like never before. Watch how predictable and easy the IWC is:

YouTube / WWE – via Iframely

So all is great the IWC is cheering him, where did Roman go wrong? He didn’t, he simply became a face and not a heel. In other words, he didn’t act the way they wanted. The IWC is so controlling, so pathetic, and so narcissistic that if a character didn’t act the way they want him to act, look the way they wanted him to look, they boo’d. For some reason, they seem to believe they have some sort of control over the product that they are entitled to. I guarantee you if these fans existed in the 90’s, characters like the Rock or Stone Cold never would have developed. Developing characters takes time and patience and these so called fans are not interested in any story, simply the outcome.

Even the so popular New Day are starting to lose their fanbase from the IWC who have quickly moved on as they always do. Another characteristic of the IWC is they are unloyal fans. They just want things to go their way and a whole lot of “new.”

Luckily for real WWE fans who understand that this is Sports Entertainment and not real wrestling, Vince McMahon and the WWE do not cater to these fans.

John Cena is the most popular superstar of all time in the WWE. The more they try to boo him into retirement, the more years he performs and the more he wins.

YouTube / jjhhaarrddyy – via Iframely

Bottom line is the IWC are a petty group of children in adult bodies who cannot enjoy anything in life, especially the amazing product that the WWE has been putting on for years. Unfortunately, a lot of casual fans have fallen victim to their ways and started acting like them. My advice is to try to limit the amount of WWE communities you’re in and enjoy what you want. These fans think the WWE is a dying company because they don’t listen. In reality, WWE is doing better than ever.