As many of you might already know, the WWE suspended three time World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns for 30 days due to his first violation of the wellness policy. It has not been said what Reigns did, but all signs point to a failed drug test.

This came at quite a bad time, as the WWE just announced on this weeks Monday Night Raw, that all the former members of The Shield will face each other in a triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Battleground.

Many people have asked the question “Will the match still take place?” since Reigns will be eligible to return before the Battleground PPV. In my opinion, I don’t think they should. Now this doesn’t mean they won’t, after all, it’s the WWE we’re talking about here. Many people might disagree with me, and that’s perfectly fine. Though Reigns is eligible to return before the match, it’s going to be awfully hard to build up this match when we won’t see Reigns on TV for the weeks leading up to the event.

I do get that this match has already been built up, really since The Shield disbanded, but it kind of takes the fun out of it. We don’t have all three competitors trash talking and getting in each others head before the actual match. I don’t think it makes sense to put Reigns right into the match as soon as he gets back. I think the smart move is to just make it a regular title match between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, and have Reigns interfere in the match. It keeps things hot between the three, and still makes The Shield triple threat a possibility.

Now Reigns is going to miss the live draft on July 19, but I don’t necessarily think it’s that big of a deal. He can still be put on the roster of either brand, but it just won’t be as high of a pick as many people had assumed/wanted.

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