Dana White and the UFC announced former champion and superstar Ronda Rousey will make her return December 30 to fight for the women’s bantamweight title against champion Amanda Nunes. Ronda is, as Dana White says, “the biggest star we ever had”, and everyone in the MMA world has been awaiting her return. Now it’s here.

Rousey was so famous that it ended up working against her when she lost, and it effected her. When she got knocked out so brutally it was plastered all over the internet and anywhere anyone could look. It is one of the most famous knockouts in UFC history, but she is so mainstream it did not just make the sports news, it was now pop culture news as well. Usually a fighter gets knocked out, gets up, and gets back on the saddle, but this was different. She REALLY got knocked out. It’s smart to take a year off and let your brain and mind recover. Ronda revolutionized the sport and brought in an entire demographic that the UFC didn’t have, and no one else could give it.

Although I think most people believe Ronda will come back and regain her title, Nunes is no walk in the park. Ronda has, however, already beat the previous champion that Nunes defeat. Style make match-ups, and this is a good match-up. Similar to Holly Holm, Nunes is a great striker that will make Ronda pay if he comes forward with her chin up like she did against Holm. She needs to get her act together in this fight and get back to her routes using her judo and jiu-jitsu to win fights instead of trying to win with boxing.

More to come on this event and this fight once more fights get announced. It is a Friday instead of the usually Saturday, because that Saturday is New Year’s Eve. The end of the year card is usually huge, so I would imagine this will be too, especially with Ronda as the main event.





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