There are different types of NBA fans. There are those who are die-hard fans of whichever city they were born in, casual fans, pink hat fans, bandwagon fans, and fans of the NBA in general who happen to loyally support a single team their entire lives. It doesn’t matter which  category your friends fall into, we all know a die-hard LeBron James hater. There are many reasons why people hate LeBron James. Some of those reasons are somewhat warranted, and some are just sad. I am going to share with you the many sad reasons that people hate LeBron James, and some of the warranted ones.

The biggest reason why LeBron James has so many haters can be summed up in two words, or one video,
The Decision:

Young LeBron James probably had the worst public relations group around him. LeBron James has a great heart and has always been a good man. Unfortunately, his team lead him to become the NBA’s villain. The way he left Cleveland was in poor taste, leaving Cleveland sucked, and everything about his early years painted a picture of a cry baby LeBron James that was somewhat warranted. I hated him for a calendar year after that. For me, it ended when I got my revenge through the hard work of the Mavericks and I simply let it go. Unfortunately, many NBA fans did not.

If LeBron James were to say, “There may be no ‘i’ in team but there is an ‘i’ in win”, he’d be crucified everyday by his haters. I mean, there’s an entire Facebook community page dedicated to hating LeBron.

LeBron James has been hated in the media for showing characteristics similar to Larry Legend, His Airness, and Zeke, relentless pursuit of greatness and confidence. Its funny how many people don’t know the difference between confidence and arrogance. Usually, when a player backs it up, you’re supposed to admit it was confidence all along. LeHaters revere Michael Jordan for his confidence, but despise the King for it.

An actual good reason to hate LeBron, is when he becomes LeFlop:

In LeBron’s defense, this is the new NBA. You need to sell a foul to get it called. Especially in a League that protects guards, its hard for a big man to get a call. LeBron James is not above doing whatever it takes to get his team to win.

“LeBron James is not a good person”. That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard by Kobe and Michael fans. We all make mistakes. However, LeBron has never been accused of gambling or sexual assault. In addition to all that, his foundation helps a lot, and I mean a lot of young kids go to college.

Its perfectly okay to prefer a certain player over LeBron James. If you’d rather have Larry Bird or Michael Jordan over him your team, go ahead. However, to sit there and act like LeBron is not a top ten player of all time is embarrassing to your basketball knowledge and immediately discredits you. He’s an all-time great talent and probably a top 3 player when its all set and done, (currently already top 3 on my list). He’s proven time and time again that he can do it all, even in ways Michael and Larry couldn’t. Sure, Larry could shoot a little better. Don’t say that to LeBron in the last three games of the NBA finals though. Sure Michael was mentally tougher, same argument in LeBron’s favor repeated. Only thing I can say to the LeHaters is you’re lucky that LeBron doesn’t have the Mamba mentality, because the League wouldn’t even be fair anymore.