Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford has submitted a request to be traded. This request comes after two organizational moves that have told fans and media, the Eagles are not interested in him as the future of the franchise. Bradford signed a two-year $35 million contract this off-season. Just a week later, the Eagles signed QB Chase Daniel to a three-year $21 million deal. Now, the organization has traded up to the number two overall pick in this week’s draft with the intention of drafting another quarterback.

Bradford has no right to complain about the situation he has been dealt. He has been given many opportunities to prove himself, in the eyes of the league, and he has failed. He is nothing more than a middle of the road quarterback, and that is all he will ever be.

Daniel is an unknown, having been the backup in Kansas City and New Orleans. He can probably be as serviceable as Bradford, with the right amount of coaching, and he is cost effective.

The Eagles may not have made a smart move by moving up to draft either Wentz or Goff, because neither appears to be a sure thing. This should not concern Bradford. Fight for your job or move on, and that is exactly what he is doing.

With all that being said, Bradford will still have a market in the league. The Denver Broncos and New York Jets are still looking for starting-caliber QBs to run their organization, until they can find a franchise-builder in a few years.

Philadelphia should trade Bradford before the draft, and grab a second round pick from either team. This could gain back some favor with the fan base, who have questioned the first draft trade, while gaining another talented young player to play for years to come. You don’t even lose out on talent at the QB spot.

This is a no lose situation for the Eagles, and they need to take advantage.

-Mike Masala