He thought no one would notice, but the world was not fooled. Putting up a stat-line that consisted of 20 points, 15 assists, 3 rebounds, and 3 steals, it was not surprising when it was revealed that Steph was actually wearing Seth’s jersey the whole time. He was clearly trying to get his 73rd win a day early against a Suns team that he knew he could dominate. Now he will continue his quest by playing the Memphis Grizzlies tomorrow night for the Warriors 73rd win and Steph’s 74th win.

Steph Plays Seth


In reality, it was nice to see this kind of play from Seth. If he can settle into a nice role as the sixth man on that Sacramento team, he may make a name for himself and help the Kings continue to improve. These are similar to some of the flashes we had seen from Steph before he became the monster he is now. They are different players completely, but it would be nice to see Seth’s game continue to improve.

Watch Seth go out and dominate the remainder of the season and steal some of Steph’s votes for MVP. Don’t be surprised, because you heard it at PerSources first.

– Mike Masala





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