Warriors head coach Steve Kerr started out the year by missing half the season due to complications related to his back surgeries from last July. Many NBA analysts as recent as last month were speculating if this issue would cause Kerr to take a year off or simply retire from coaching the Golden State Warriors. It is now late May and Steve Kerr still hasn’t fully recovered from back surgeries. If you’re wondering how bad is it? You came to the right place.

Scott Howard-Cooper wrote a marvelous piece on nba.com on Kerr’s recovery and had the opportunity to speak with him.

“I wouldn’t equate my health with anything that’s happened basketball wise,” Kerr said. “I’ll put it this way. Under normal circumstances if I hadn’t has this health issue this would have been one of the great years of my life. But instead it was, honestly, one of the worst. Probably the worst.”

He’s not planning to go anywhere, besides maybe missing summer league. This job with this organization in this city is too good. He needs it to get fully healthy.

I felt like I already had a pretty good perspective on life, but that has been altered dramatically on the side of well being,” Kerr said. “It’s all about well being. Yours, your family’s, your friends’, your players’. What we do in terms of playing basketball, it’s only important in that we bring joy to people. We bring joy to the fans’ lives. Even people who are suffering through illnesses themselves, we bring a joy.

“We bring joy to ourselves by competing together and enjoying the process. But it’s so inconsequential compared to just waking up every morning and being healthy. Even though I felt like I’d had a good perspective on life, not to this degree. Now I truly get it. I will never suffer from burnout from this job, I can tell you that.

“I don’t think I would have anyway, but there’s no way this job will stress me out to the point where it’s ‘Oh, my God, I can’t do this.’ Because I know it’s a game and it’s a job. And it’s a really fun job and it’s a great job, but it’s not one that anybody should work themselves up over to the point where they lose perspective. Health is everything. It’s no longer a cliché for me.”