Suarez Furious As Uruguay Eliminated

Striker Luis Suarez understandably loses his temper as he is forced to see Uruguay lose


Luis Suarez is back at it with another controversy in an international tournament. This time the Barcelona striker got furious at head coach Oscar Tabarez after he failed to inform Suarez that he was not going to play in last night’s game against Venezuela.

With Uruguay’s hopes of another Copa America title on the line against Venezuela, Tabarez kept his previous decision of not playing Suarez until he returned to full health.

Meanwhile, Uruguay went down in the 35th minute and couldn’t recover. Cavani had the chance of a lifetime to keep his country alive but failed to even find the net. With that, Uruguay’s hopes went downhill.

As a coach, do you play Suarez? A guaranteed lethal striker whose killer instinct and hunger for victory could turn out to be influential for the rest of his teammates. The highest goal scorer in Europe this season on the bench, as he watched his team get eliminated.

I understand he was trying to protect Suarez, who hasn’t fully recovered from his hamstring injury sustained in the Copa del Rey final last month with Barcelona, however, Suarez on one good leg is miles ahead of Cavani or any other attacker in Uruguay. With the trophy on the line, you go for it.

What was, perhaps, the worst thing about all of this is that they allowed Suarez to actually warm-up and think that he’d eventually play. Much to his surprise, in the last couple of minutes, he was told no. This was after he had bit off all his nails during the game. After he had done sprints during warm-ups. Even after he had taped up his shin guards and had his new Adidas cleats ready to go.

On the scorecard, it read that Suarez was unable to play regardless, because he was listed as “injured”, but did anyone tell Luis? If the coaching staff knew, why didn’t anyone tell him to stop BEFORE the 82nd minute?

Luis Suarez has every right to be upset. He is coming off the best season of his career, and after missing out on the Copa America last year, he is hungry for some goals with his country. Sadly, he’s being forced to sit out and watch miserably, as Cavani misses sitters and Uruguay is eliminated.

Uruguay joins Haiti and Jamaica as the only eliminated teams, so far, in the competition and the only South American team eliminated. The 15-time champions will have to wait at least until 2019 to win their 16th title.




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