So a few days ago was the anniversary of the moment in the 2001 NBA Finals when Allen Iverson made Ty Lue his bitch. Iverson hit a shot, to ice the game, over Lue who was falling over while running at him to contest the shot. The shot went in the crowd, the crowd was silenced. Iverson looked down at Lue at his feet and stepped over him instead of around him. It was one of the most bad ass things an NBA player has ever done on the court and will always be replayed throughout time.

It was game one of the NBA Finals, the 76ers stood no chance against the Lakers in the series, and everyone knew it. Someone forgot to tell that to Allen Iverson. AI came out in game one and put on a show in front of a shocked LA crowd. He put up 48 points in his first NBA Finals game and stunned the world, taking game one from the Shaq and Kobe Lakers. Of course, the Lakers went on to win the next four games, but Iverson just being able to do what he did and taking game one in that fashion against that team, was incredible.

The game is legendary, and it is Allen Iverson at his best, which was one of the greatest things to ever watch in NBA history. He was David in a Goliath league, and he was the most fearless player to ever wear an NBA jersey. He put his body to the test every single night he took the court, and when his body would fail him with injuries, he would just play through them.

Now Tyronn Lue is in the NBA Finals again, only this time as the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and this time it is Steph Curry making Ty his bitch. On paper Lue is the coach, but really he is just a front for LeBron to make the coaching decisions.

Iverson is now in the Hall of Fame and will remain an all-time fan favorite in the NBA. He changed the whole culture of the league that remains today, and he always stayed true to who he was, sometimes to a fault. Iverson has one of the go to highlight reels, and after his cross over of MJ, stepping over Lue is his next most famous clip, I would say. The league will never see another Iverson, but there will always be Tyronn Lue’s in the league to get shit on.