May 19, 1987 Earvin “Magic” Johnson won the first of his three MVP awards. I find it shocking that Magic did not win his first MVP until his eighth season in the league. He was the first guard to win the award since Oscar Robertson 23 years prior. Magic led the league in assists with 12 per game, while also putting up 24 points per game in the process. Also, the Lakers compiled the best record in the league, and it was evident that Magic finally had taken the reigns from Kareem as the teams best player.

A lot of Magic’s success came later in his career, when Larry Bird’s body started to give out on him and before MJ started to take over, Magic had a window, in which, he dominated. It took him eight seasons to win an MVP, but he would go on to win two more in the next three seasons, finishing his career with three MVP award honors.

Magic is undoubtedly the greatest point guard of all-time. He finished his career with five NBA Championships, three MVP awards, three NBA finals MVPs, twelve time all-star nominations, and an Olympic gold medal.

Steph Curry is now in position to win back to back MVP awards and NBA championships, and he is only 28 years old. The fact that Steph came back this year, from his MVP year, even better means that he has still not reached his prime yet. The potential that he could reach, going at the pace he is going, would find him in the same conversation with Magic and Oscar Robertson as the best point guards ever.

Magic won MVP and Finals MVP in 1987 when he beat Larry Bird and the Celtics in six games, after losing to them the year before. It was the first of the back to back championships Magic would lead the Lakers to, and it was the last time Larry Bird and Magic would meet in the Finals. It was the end of one of the greatest rivalries in NBA history. Larry Bird was finished winning MVPs, and Magic was beginning his MVP run. Magic is truly one of a kind, and there will never again be an NBA player with the personality and AIDS fighting ability of Earvin Johnson…he sure has some “Magic” on his side.




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