It took forever for Nate Diaz to become a superstar in the UFC, but that day is here now. For years, he was just beating the crap out of guys in the lightweight division with somewhat of a cult following. The Diaz brothers have always had a big following within MMA fans, but not the mainstream type of notoriety that they deserved.

Four years ago today, May 5th, 2012 Nate Diaz vs Jim Miller was the headline fight for UFC on FOX 3. Both fighters were on winning streaks and surging towards a title fight, and only each other stood in the way. Jim Miller was on an absolute tear leading up to this fight, putting on exciting fights, and showing he was ready to be at the top of the heap.

YouTube / Jayden Venning – via Iframely

Nate Diaz was just too much and too long for Miller, as he is everyone in the division. He was busting Miller up the whole first round putting the fight out of reach early. The fight was vintage Diaz using his length and boxing to use his jabs and straights to just beat up Miller so bad. Everyone knew it was just a matter of time. Diaz finished the fight very similar to the McGregor fight. Right when it seemed Miller was going to get knocked out, he shot for a take-down, which Diaz reversed into a mounted guillotine that caused Miller to tap out. The choke was so tight that when he locked it in Miller had his tongue out, and Diaz clamped on his jaw so tight Miller almost bit his tongue clean off!

Nate Diaz vs Jim Miller
Diaz choking Miller

As usual, it was an exciting fight for the fans to watch, which is why everyone is still eagerly waiting for the announcement of Nate’s next fight. Conor McGregor keeps talking like the rematch is still happening, which Dana White said is not true, so a lot of things remain in the air at the moment. It is tough, but I am hoping for some good news soon. One thing is for sure, whoever Nate gets next is going to be a big name and a big draw if it is not Conor. Nate knows the biggest money fight is Conor, so I think that is still the fight he wants, and usually when everyone wants the fight to happen, the UFC makes it happen. Stay tuned everyone big news will be coming soon!




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