Tuesday was the two year anniversary of two of the most legendary MMA fighters stepping into the octagon across from one another, Nick Diaz vs. Anderson Silva. It was somewhat of a comeback for both fighters. Diaz was coming off of a two-year lay off, and Anderson came off of breaking his leg against Chris Weidman. The fight was an instant classic with one of the most famous taunts in UFC history, “The Nick Diaz”, as he laid down with his hand behind his head in the middle of the fight to try to entice Anderson to engage in the fight.

Nick Diaz is the OG! People talk about how confident Conor is when he taunts people or puts his hands behind his back, just remember Nick Diaz laid down in the octagon against the greatest MMA fighter of all-time.

Although that was the most famous part of the fight, it was a great bout overall. Two of the best, most exciting fighters to ever grace the octagon, and two undoubted fan favorites gave the fans what they wanted. They stood in front of each other the whole fight and exchanged. No one has ever stood in the pocket in front of Anderson Silva for five rounds, but Nick Diaz was going nowhere.

The fight was back-and-forth with Silva fighting from the outside with jabs and kicks while Nick was trying to get inside on him and keep the pressure. In the end, I thought Diaz did enough to get the decision with the pressure, and it seemed he won most of the exchanges, but Silva won a unanimous decision victory.

Of course I am a Diaz fan, but I am also a huge Silva fan. Watch the fight, and let me know who you think won!

Here are the highlights:





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