Reports have come out from everywhere indicating that there was only one football that was noticeably deflated under the 12.5 mark, to just under 11

. Which football was that? The only football that the Colts got their hands on. All the other footballs? They were barely below 12.5. This is more than a conspiracy theory, this is basically an embarrassment to the League and if you ask me, the Colts organization. I was driving to work on Friday when Adam Schefter cam on WEEI 93.7 FM and I had the privilege of listening to what he had to say,

“I do think there are people who believe that,” Schefter said. “I know there are people who believe that. . . . I’ll just say, I’m not even going to specify, there are people who believe that, OK? There are people who believe that. And I think there are people who have heard that theory and who say, ‘That’s impossible.'”

Adam is saying a lot, without saying anything. Basically, if anyone deflated the football, it was the damn Colts organization and not the Patriots. What do I think? I think deflategate is annoying and stupid. However, more and more I am beginning to think the Colts attempted to set the Patriots up.

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