The NBA is an 82 game regular season which leads up to the playoffs. In order to win the greatest glory in basketball, you are going to need to win 16 games there. That is relevant to every team of the top teams in each conference except the Golden State Warriors. There are some things you simply cannot come back from and losing to the bum squad just happens to be one of them.

The Golden State Warriors are now officially out of contention for the NBA Finals. In fact, even if they were to somehow win the NBA Championship it wouldn’t matter at this point. They could three peat and guess what, 20 years from now I’ll still remember they lost a game to the most pathetic team in NBA history. The Houston Rockets are an abomination. They’re an embarrassment to the game of basketball and there is no other way to sugar coat this. They have a team that couldn’t care less about putting in efforts on most nights. I’m not even sure how they managed to let go of the drunk Ty Lawson but I wasn’t surprised one bit when they were the idiots to sign him in the first place. Their center gets boxed out by point guards and is softer than a teddy bear. Their best player has more videos of him playing absolutely no defense than pairs of sneakers Adidas has released in his name. Their second best player is a rental from the Chinese Basketball League who is probably too high to even know he got laid out by Draymond Green tonight:

Vine / Barstool Sports – via Iframely

Their point guard makes a living out of injuring and taking cheap shots at other point guards. Their power forward got his trade rejected because of a bad back. Their veteran stole his nickname from another Jet. And Trevor Ariza is… he’s on the Rockets so he sucks too.

Curry or no Curry, this Warriors team should have been able to beat the mediocre Houston Rockets. I’m going to blame this on the death of Chyna. Dwight Howard was playing hard in memory of his role model who he always strives hard to shape his body after.