Wrestling fans either love or hate John Cena, there is almost no in between. They say he’s boring, not original, can’t wrestle, etc..etc..etc… One thing is certain, the Internet Wrestling Community is wrong about the greatest pro wrestler of his generation. For starters, many WWE fans have no idea what its really like to put their body through the regime of a power lifter. Then again, most people don’t. John Cena is a freak of nature, rightfully named the prototype, and has continued to work on his physical excellence late into his thirties. Squatting 600 lbs is not easy, just like delivering the Attitude Adjustment to two people at once is not. Cena repeatedly takes the hardest hits week in and week out, and unlike CM Punk, he does not quit.

IWC Complaint: Cena Doesn’t Put Anyone Over

Well, you were proven wrong at the Elimination Chamber. Its not a matter of Cena not putting anyone over, but you’re talking about greatness here. Should LeBron James lose just to allow Derrick Rose to go over? No, greatness will win just like they should. However, when a formidable star came about with power, strength, size, charisma, and athletic ability, he was put over hard. Kevin Owens destroyed John Cena, proving he could take the hardest hits and deliver even harder ones. Cena puts the best of the best over, not every scrub the IWC wants.

IWC Complaint: Cena Only Has Like Two Moves

Week in and week out since Wrestlemania, John Cena has been trying and adding new things. Whether its been the spring-board stunner, tornado DDT, or high flying, Cena has been incorporating more and more moves into his arsenal, yet the IWC still complains, hating much?

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IWC Complaint: It’s getting Old

Guess what, the will of fire shouldn’t fade in all of you. Just because you choose to live a mediocre life, giving up time and time again, does not mean John Cena should stop inspiring you people who need someone to look up to. Many people going through a struggle relate with Cena. Not everyone can relate with a Lunatic Fringe, Assassin, or bitch-ass Architect. Wake up.

IWC Complaint: No One Likes Cena

36+ Million Facebook Followers and Leading the Company in sales still after all these years say otherwise.

The Bottom Line: Cena Deserves Your Respect

John Cena continues to put in the effort in dieting and lifting to continue to look like, “The Prototype.” The man works hard night in and night out. Unlike CM Punk, John Cena didn’t quit on anyone. The IWC that hate on Cena but adore Punk are like the guy who got cheated on by his girl friend, she left him, yet he refuses to move on and continues to think about her in the bathroom at night, while the good girl’s hello text is being ignored for the third straight day. Cena haters are pathetic and need to get over themselves, respect greatness, and pipe down.


The Champ Is Here.