The Cleveland Browns blew it (again) on Sunday. They’ve now had more QBs (4) than wins (0) so far this season and their misfortune doesn’t seem to have to expiration date. So, in honor of another Browns loss, here’s a list of 10 things that are more likely to happen before the Browns make the playoffs.

10. Lil Wayne will actually drop Tha Carter V

9. @PersourcesNE will become active on Twitter

8. It’ll rain in California (No sprinkling doesn’t count)

7. Tony Romo will be healthy for a full season


6. @Persources14 will respond to your DMs

5. Kobe will unretire, join the Sixers and win a title with them


4. Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers will actually do something in the playoffs

3. Tim Tebow will move up to the majors, take his team to the World Series, win it, come back to football, join a team, and lead them to a Super Bowl


2. Braves and Twins will play in a World Series

  1. @TPRx11 will learn how to spell

This last one is self explanatory. If you follow him on Twitter, you’ll know what I mean


If you think I missed any, let me know! DM me or @ me @MP_persources