NBA fans haven’t been this excited about a match up during the regular season like they have been about the Thunder and Warriors in quite some time. Granted, its at Golden State, but NBA fans still wanted to see Westbrook clock Durant in the mouth. Unfortunately for NBA fans, it was a blow out, and a blow out early. What did we learn about their match up? The Oklahoma City Thunder should build a shrine to Gregg Popovich, pray day and night, and hope their prayers are answered because there seems to be no hope for guarding the Warriors.


So far, the only team that has been able to make the Warriors seem mediocre has been Gregg Popovich’s Spurs. Their elite defense anchored by Kawhi Leonard was able to shut down Golden State. Granted, it was their first game of the season, but they really did look inferior compared to the elite defense displayed by Popovich’s squad.

The Thunder, have no Kawhi. The Thunder have no Gregg. The Thunder does not have the talent that the Spurs do. So what’s left to do? Build a shrine Billy boy. Attend a G-Pop class. Pray day and nigh. Do whatever it takes to convince the basketball Gods to have pity on your team. Otherwise, I just don’t see a scenario where the Thunder will ever be able to guard against the Warriors’ siege of three pointers with the talent they have right now.

There is no shame in losing to a team full of monstars, but I know Westbrook doesn’t like it. The Thunder looked soft. They allowed Zaza to look like a legitimate NBA starter in this league (I don’t think he should have looked that good.

Warriors beat the Thunder 122-96. It wasn’t pretty, at all. Kevin Durant’s first return to Oklahoma City will be on February 11th, 2017.

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