Tim Kennedy is a great man and a great American. He is a middleweight in the UFC and a veteran in the MMA world. MMA is just a side job for him though, as he has been active in the Army since 2004. He fought in Afghanistan and Iraq and still does private security around the world. He is a Sergeant First Class, a member of the 7th Special Forces Unit. He received the Army’s Bronze Star Medal with V device, an award for valor under fire. He is the biggest bad-ass in the UFC and is a great follow on social media, which mostly consists of him shooting a lot of guns.

He is also one of the most outspoken people out there on ISIS. Again his social media is filled with his thoughts on ISIS. He has voiced his opinions during appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast and the Fighter And The Kid Podcast. So much so that ISIS made a personal threat directed at Tim Kennedy. Secret Service men showed up at Tim’s house and told him ISIS has made a threat on his life, and they would like to take him under protection. “I am in the safest place I can be, let those cowards come”. That was Kennedy’s response! Are you kidding me? This dude is such a bad-ass, and I love it. He currently sells shirts with that quote on it.

He started mixed martial arts in college, but after he graduated, he enrolled into the Army and entered the special forces in 2004. He continued to compete in MMA while serving as a Green Beret. When the Army instituted a service-wide Combatives (hand to hand combat) tournament in 2005, Kennedy won the tournament in the Light Heavyweight Division. He went on to achieve this goal three years in a row.

He has not fought since 2014, a fight against Yoel Romero in Las Vegas, a fight that I attended. It was a very controversial fight, when Kennedy almost finished Romero at the end of the second round, and Yoel did not get off the stool for the start of the third round for way too long. Too long to be allowed, even Kennedy was yelling at the referee to call the fight, but he didn’t. Romero eventually got up and ended up finishing Kennedy in the third round via TKO.

His fight before that, which he calls his easiest fight, he tuned up current Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping. He whooped his ass and dominated the wrestling in the fight. He is a top level middleweight that flies under the radar.

His next fight has been announced and will be on the biggest stage at UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden. He will be fighting a former Light Heavyweight Champion who is making his debut at the 185 division and will have the tall task of taking on Tim Kennedy.

I cannot say enough about this man to even come close to portraying to you just how awesome he really is. Go follow him on all the social media outlets and watch his interviews and appearances on podcasts. He is a great American, a great fighter, and a man everyone should respect and admire.





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