2017 is here and it will be another great year for soccer. Also, the Winter Transfer window is here and there are rumors involving the transfers of big international players. When all the attention is overseas, let’s focus on players that are playing just south of the border that have the potential of playing in Europe and a great impact in their careers.

The Top 3 players from the Liga MX:

Hirving “El Chucky” Lazaro

The 21-year-old Pachuca winger is the face of the league. The youngster is a complete player and still has his best years yet to come. He’s ready to play at a higher level than Liga MX. For me, he has a better upside than fellow Mexico teammates Jesus “Tecatito” Corona and Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez when they were coming out of Liga MX. There been rumors of him going to Manchester United but with a poor performance in the Olympics Games and Manchester United being happy with Zlatan’s play right now, this young player might have to go to another Premier League team.

Andre-Pierre Gignac

After Winning back-to-back Apertura terms and being the main reason for those trophies, there is a great percentage of Gignac going back to Europe. The window is quickly closing for him at the age of 31 but he has played some exceptional football. This past summer, he represented France in the Euro by coming on as a substitute. He could go with a better team than when he left to join Tigres. A Serie A team would be a great destination for him.

Javier Eduardo “La Chofis” Lopez

The 22 years old is another great player out of Guadalajara. This kid has great potential but his current team is not giving him enough playing time. People have initiated comparisons between him and “El Chucky” Lozano. Last season, there were some reports of him wanting out of Guadalajara. I think this is a perfect time to go overseas and pursue his team. He won’t be going to a big club like the previous two but he might go a second division team where he will get recognized more.

These are the players I truly believe will be transferring and continue their success in Europe. Comment down below if you agree or disagree with these players. If you think there are sleepers that might transfer then comment down below also.