On this week’s ‘True or Trash Tuesday’ by yours truly, Jose Esparza, I will cover Odell Beckham’s yacht Miami trip affecting Sundays game, the legend of Aaron Rodgers, and how legendary the Alabama defense is despite losing last night. By the way has anyone noticed the final score of that game? 38-31 Clemson. Wait Alabama scored 31? The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead? What?

Odell Beckham’s yacht trip with other receivers is the reason the Giants lost. Trash


Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers were going to win this game whether that trip took place or not. All the credit is given to the Packers for their 38-13 win.

In a post-game interview Beckham explains his frustration with the media attacking him for his Miami trip last week. Beckham stated that he doesn’t understand how one could link events that happened seven days ago to the playoff game. I have to agree with him.

OBJ had a career-high three drops, his first career drop in the end-zone, and only 28 yards, the second lowest of his career. Many throw these statistics in Beckham’s face, but many forget the temperature of the game was in single digits. This was the coldest game the WR played in.

Beckham also stated that the world we live in today would only make the Miami trip a big distraction. This part I do have to question. If he was aware of what kind of backlash and distraction the trip would make, then why would he take the trip? This only results in the media questioning his priorities.

Another thing that is forgotten is one of the receivers on that trip was Victor Cruz. He is a Super Bowl champion and had a big opportunity to provide Beckham with guidance to not partake in this trip, but instead followed the lead.

The Green Bay Packers were going to win this game whether the trip took place or not. Sunday afternoon showed us why the Packers have been the hottest team in the NFL and are showing no signs of slowing down. If Beckham had a big playoff game it would have not changed the outcome.


Aaron Rodgers is the most talented quarterback we have seen in the last decade. True True True


Here we go again, another playoff run led by Aaron Rodgers. Another “hail mary” pass completed for a touchdown. Someone who has been called a “baaaaaaaaaddd man” by ESPN Stephen A. Smith. Someone who told the world his team “will run the table” and went out and performed. Someone who told you to R-E-L-A-X. Rodgers is still doing magic with limited resources.

He should be a regular participant in the Super Bowl like his competitor Tom Brady. He could have made Super Bowl appearances in the last two seasons. Let’s look at what he did in those last two seasons.

In 2014 he led the Packers to a big playoff win at home against the up-and-coming Cowboys with just one leg winning 26-21. He almost beat the elite Seattle Seahawks by himself with just again one leg.

Giving his team a 19-7 lead with under three minutes to go before everybody but Rodgers folded. His own team cost him a Super Bowl appearance.

In 2015, he was in the Divisional Round playing against the rising Arizona Cardinals, but this time he was without his best weapon, Jordy Nelson, all season. His running back Eddie Lacy, overweight all year, was a non-factor. The number two WR, Randall Cobb, was hobbled heading into the game. By half-time Cobb was ruled out and Davante Adams, his third best option, was ruled out.

Needing to rely on his fourth string receiver, Jeff Janis, he threw a 41-yard touchdown on a “Hail Mary” pass to send the game to overtime. The Packers lost the coin toss, and the Cardinals scored a touchdown to end the Packers season.

Now, on to Dallas where Rodgers will play the Cowboys. This time Rodgers has no running backs as Lacy and James Starks are done for the season and have relied on converted receiver to running back Ty Montgomery. The secondary is thin, as well, as they are using receivers to play cornerback positions.

As football fans we should really take a moment to appreciate every time Rodgers takes the field. Whether he’s rolling to his left but throws to his right, or stepping up in the pocket and ducking defenders, he is an artist and he is painting his masterpiece in NFL history.



The 2016 Alabama defense is the best defense in college football history despite losing the championship. True


What Nick Saban’s defense did this year is incredible, despite what you feel about yesterday’s championship game. They finished first in total defense, first in rushing defense, third in sacks, and first in scoring defense.

Did you know that the Crimson Tide would have finished the year 6-8 if their offense did not score in any games? That includes field goals ladies and gentleman. The only scoring you have is your defense.

That is how dominant this defense was for Alabama all year long. What happened last night was a tough thing for the Crimson Tide. The defense finally fatigued after a long game.

The defense uncharacteristically gave up 21 points in the fourth quarter of the game. If someone were to tell me that before the game I would have made that statement trash. The defense was clearly gassed.

The Clemson Tigers won the time of possession 34:44 to 25:16. That is almost ten more minutes of possession, and the Clemson offense got to run over 30 more offensive plays than Alabama.

I would like to believe the best defense in college football history would not have given up that last driving touchdown to win the game had they not been on the field all day. Nonetheless congratulations to the Clemson Tigers on winning the 2017 championship.





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