UFC 202 was announced last month with the rematch everyone was waiting for between McGregor and Diaz as the main event. The excitement for the card was immediate without any other fight being announced, but the last two days have had huge announcements for the August 20 event.

Three new fights have been added to the event, making the card an absolute blockbuster. A light heavyweight bout and two welterweight bouts with big names have been announced. The light heavyweight bout is a rescheduled fight between Anthony “Rumble” Johnson and Glover Teixeira. The two biggest bangers at the 205 pound division with great boxing skills should make out to be one hell of an exciting fight, which is sure to end in someone getting knocked out.

The first of the welterweight bouts announced yesterday is between Rick “Horror” Story and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. Cowboy is an absolute madman just looking to fight every month. This fight in August will be his third of the 2016 which, barring injury, most likely means he will be fighting a fourth time in 2016. That is something that not many fighters do. Cerrone is a different breed who, already, is close to the top of the list of all-time wins. He wants to fight on every card and fight every fighter, and whether it is at the 155 division or the 170 division, he is coming forward and bringing an exciting fight.

The other welterweight bout announced has serious title contention implications between Carlos Condit and Damian Maia. Condit is coming off of his title shot where a lot of people thought he won, and Maia is sporting a five fight win streak. Two top level fighters with superb all-around skills will make for a very technically calculated fight, a great fight for a real MMA fan.

UFC 202 is coming with a vengeance and is only going to continue to add big name fighters to build up to the biggest rematch in UFC history. August 20 cannot come fast enough. I am almost overlooking 200, because UFC 202 is getting me so jacked up! Let’s see what the future holds.




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