UFC 201 is this weekend, and in the main event, the most exciting fighter in the UFC “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler is defending his belt, and no one seems to care. With UFC 202 having the rematch between Diaz and McGregor, which is the fight that everyone wants to see, people are overlooking 201 this weekend, including me.

The main event at UFC 201 this weekend is Robbie Lawler vs. Tyron Woodley. Woodley is known as a big draw as a fighter, so this fight has not been getting much publicity. The UFC has been promoting 202 more than 201 for months.

The promotion for 201 is all Robbie Lawler, which is a great promotion, because he is the most must see fighter in the UFC right now, but being in between 200 and 202 was not great for this card. The under-card and other fights on the main event are also lackluster, which is making for an underwhelming night of fights.

Perfect example; I am sitting with my brother right now watching How I Met Your Mother typing this out. My brother is as big a MMA fan as anyone I know, and he asked me, “What are you writing about?” I told him the fight this weekend. “Who’s fighting this weekend”. You can trust him he knows his shit, and I had to remind him that the welterweight champ is fighting this Saturday.

Diaz vs. McGregor is less than a month away now, but 202 also has four or five other very intriguing fights that have people talking. That is the way to build a fight card and get people excited, and UFC 202 just does not have it. Hopefully Robbie Lawler saves the card with yet another epic fight, which he is always capable of doing.

Enjoy the fights this weekend, and be sure to interact with the PerSources staff on twitter.




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