The UFC ownership has been looking to sell for the past few months, and they have now found a buyer. The Fertitta brothers are the owners of the UFC and are looking to sell so they can turn around and buy an NFL team. They bought the UFC in 2001 for $2 million and completely transformed it into the fastest growing sport on the planet and changed the way the world looks at cage fighting. Yes that is what you just read, they bought the UFC for $2 million and just sold it for $4.2 billion, pretty good investment.

Now when a company like this sells, it is typically a group of investors that buy it, and there were many groups involved in this purchase. The groups that came together were: WME-IMG, the Dalian Wanda Group, The Kraft Group, and Tencent Holdings. Of course, the one that jumps off the page is the Kraft Group, the owners of the New England Patriots.

This does not mean much to me as a die hard UFC fan. I feel a few things will change with a new ownership, but for the most part, I think it will be business as usual. The UFC has a great thing going on, and if its not broken, why fix it? The UFC product is so great right now, and it’s only continuing to rise. Robert Kraft is a genius business man, and now he is involved in the highest rising sport in the world. The dude is a boss. Also, with knowing how great of a business man Kraft is and how he will succeed in everything he does, I have total confidence the UFC is in great hands.

Dana White will stay on as Commissioner, of course, and will continue to be the face of the UFC and run shit as he always does. Many more details on this sale to come. This is all still very recent news, but no need to worry for UFC fans, it will still be the same old bloody chaos as always.




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