Uncle Mike’s 2017 NFL Week 7 Picks

2017 NFL Week 7 Picks

This may be the most annoying year for picks in NFL history. Teams are getting upset by teams that shouldn’t be in the same stratosphere as them. I guess that makes the games more exciting, but for people trying to make picks it’s annoying. Just look at the Miami Dolphins vs Atlanta Falcons game last week. Atlanta should’ve blew the Dolphins out of the water (pun intended), but they ended up losing to a team that is clearly inferior. It’s frustrating. Sorry for complaining. I just had to get that off my chest.

Anyway, we stand at 41-46-3 heading into week seven. I apologize for being below .500 against the spread this far into the season, but I just don’t understand the league right now. We still have time to turn this around. Thursday Night Football did not help as we had the Kansas City Chiefs (-3) over the Oakland Raiders. The Chiefs were up in position to win and cover, but they got called for back-to-back penalties to give the Raiders a chance to win, and Amari Cooper touchdown sealed the fate. Let’s move on. Week 7 is fully underway.


New Orleans Saints (-4) @ Green Bay Packers (+4)

Carolina Panthers (-3) @ Chicago Bears (+3)

Baltimore Ravens (+4.5) @ Minnesota Vikings (-4.5)

Jacksonville Jaguars (-3) @ Indianapolis Colts (+3)

New York Jets (+3) @ Miami Dolphins (-3)

Arizona Cardinals (+3) @ Los Angeles Rams (-3)

Tennessee Titans (-6) @ Cleveland Browns (+6)

*TAMPA BAY and BUFFALO are left out due to Jameis’ injury*

SUNDAY 4:00 – 4:25 PM

Dallas Cowboys (-6.5) @ San Francisco 49ers (+6.5)

Seattle Seahawks (-3.5) @ New York Giants (+3.5)

Denver Broncos (-1.5) @ Los Angeles Chargers (+1.5)

Cincinnati Bengals (+4) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-4)


Atlanta Falcons (+3) @ New England Patriots (-3)


Washington Redskins (+4.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles (-4.5)



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