Disappointing start to the tournament for the hosts, as Colombia put on a dance in Santa Clara against the United States team. Although the game ended in a 2-0 victory for the Colombian side, the South Americans controlled the game and created many dangerous opportunities.

This was one of the worst first halves I’ve seen this team play under Klinsmann. They maintained the majority of the possession but with no offensive purpose and no movement up top. A static Dempsey had trouble getting involved in the game. Apart from Dempsey’s long-range strike, the U.S had no dangerous attacks.

Colombia on the other hand started off with the momentum from their electrifying fans. They scored an early goal in the opening minutes off a corner kick, which the U.S failed to cover correctly.

In the second half, Dempsey awoke and began causing mayhem for the Colombians. But alas, as great as Clint is, he couldn’t do it alone. The hosts were more urgent towards goal and built up confidence to take players on 1v1 down the flank. Unfortunately, everyone wearing white was a step behind their usual best.

All the credit in the world to Colombia. They started off the competition the best way possible in front of their home crowd. James Rodriguez orchestrated Colombia’s offense in an admirable way, while Juan Cuadrado was tearing the defense apart down the right flank.

It was a very frustrating game, to say the least, for the red, white and blue. Not just because of the defeat but the way the team performed. No idea in the final third, no sense of urgency and motivation and, lastly, no real tactical game plan. They have experienced players to lead the way, but when their star doesn’t show up the first half, and the captain has a horrendous game, things won’t usually end well.

One bad game doesn’t mean the end of the world for the United States, but they’ll have to figure things out before their next match against Costa Rica on the July 7. However, one more slip-up, and the hosts could be watching the quarterfinals at home.

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