The Atlanta Braves and San Diego Padres completed a trade last night to send Outfielder Melvin Upton, and Closer Craig Kimbrel to the Padres. San Diego will send Outfielder Carlos Quentin, Outfielder Cameron Maybin, two minor league prospects, and a draft pick back to Atlanta.

Kimbrel is arguably the biggest named involved in this trade. He has led the National League the past two years in saves. Kimbrel comes into the Padres Bullpen to replace Joaquin Benoit as the Closer. After Huston Street was traded, Benoit became the Closer for the team. He had 11 saves, a 4-2 record and a 1.49 ERA. Kimbrel’s arrival in the Padres organization will be key to helping the team keep their late game leads. He should be able to put up at least 30 saves in 2015.

Melvin Upton is once again reunited with his brother, Justin. The Upton’s will be battling with Wil Myers for the Left Field and Center Field starting jobs. After a less than stellar performance from Myers last year, I could see the Upton’s starting in the Outfield over the young Myers.

The Padres made this move to save some money on players they didn’t want the investment in, i.e. Cameron Maybin. Maybin was due $24 million guaranteed on his remaining contract. Instead of paying that money to Maybin, the Padres now pay $80.35 million to Kimbrel and Upton. After taking off the Maybin contract, the Padres are basically paying these guys a combined $56.35 million.

This is a very confusing move from the Braves point of view. They are pretty much saying they don’t even want a shot to make the playoffs this year. Maybin could start in Left Field over Gomes, but Quentin will most likely be a role player coming off the bench to give rest to those who need it. The best thing for the Braves is that they got potential young talent in this draft pick and the minor leaguers that they acquired.