Urijah Faber has been a staple in MMA for over a decade. This run came to an end Saturday night when he stepped into the octagon for the last time. His time has been coming to an end, which has been evident in his last few fights. Uriah realized this himself and decided to announce his last fight would take place in his fighting home of Sacramento, on December 17 2016 live on FOX. He signed the fight to compete against another long-time MMA veteran on his way out, Brad “One Punch” Pickett.

Dozens of UFC fighters were showing their support for Faber either through twitter or in Sacramento to watch his last fight live. A lot of fellow California fighters were in the crowd such as the Diaz brothers, Gilbert Melendez, Brian Ortega, and his fellow “Alpha Male” teammates were all their to cheer on their mentor and coach. Faber put on a show for everyone who came out to see his grande finale, as he tuned up Pickett for three rounds. He looked as though he still has a lot of fight in him, but he has enough going on for him where it is the perfect time to step away.

Faber made his fame a decade ago in the WEC, where he quickly became the most famous fighter in the organization. The WEC was home of the lighter weight classes, such as featherweight and bantamweight, which at the time the UFC did not have. Urijah put the little guys on the map and showed that it is not all about big guys throwing big punches, but little guys throwing quick punches with great technique is just as good.

Urijah had it all; skill, great hair, good looks. He truly embodied everything that was his famous nickname “The California Kid”. He could have the best image out of any fighter out there. Faber became famous for a big smile and always waving to the camera and give it a “Hi Mom”. He was always having fun out there every time he made the walk.

Seeing Urijah on the fight card was always satisfying, because you knew he would always deliver with a great fight, win or lose. I had the privilege to see him fight in Boston and win, as he usually does. He is a fighter that will always be talked about throughout time as an ambassador of the sport, especially for the small fighters.

Now Urijah will move on to being the head coach to one of the best camps in MMA and has his star pupil Cody “No Love” Garbrandt fighting for the bantamweight title on December 30. He has prodigies all around the UFC and will continue to have his hand in the fight game for years to come.

Thank you for all the memories California Kid. You will be missed for your determination, professionalism, and heart inside and outside the octagon throughout your entire career.





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