The NBA season is a long journey. It puts a huge wear and tear on a player’s body. If you aren’t physically ready to take the beating, it’s going to be hard for you to succeed. Luke Walton, the newest Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, wants their 2nd overall pick Brandon Ingram to come off the bench to start the season. Walton believes “that the biggest challenge will be the physical abuse of an NBA season”. He told Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News. Later he says:

“No player has ever been through that until you get to the NBA,” Walton said. “It’s exhausting until your body gets used to it and adjusts to it. It takes time. The biggest challenge for him will be figuring out the best way to manage that, still train and take care of himself. The on-court stuff and his play will be just fine. It’ll be the challenge of the 82 game season he might struggle with.”

I get that Walton wants Ingram to ease into learning how physical the NBA season is. Ingram despite being 6 foot 9, he is only 190 pounds. He is going to be taking hits with the way he plays the game. He’s going to need to put on weight or learn to handle the abuse. Walton doesn’t want him to go out there and let him swim without a life jacket. However, how else is he going to learn without starting? If he really wants him to learn, he will throw him out there right away and let him get the experience. He’s your second overall pick. You want to maximize the potential he has. I get he has a small frame for his size, but so does Kevin Durant, and I think he turned out fine as the second overall pick.

Luke Walton did an excellent job as the interim Head Coach for the record breaking Warriors last year and is now the main man for this Lakers team. He really wants to help Ingram succeed but just at a slower pace than expected. Who knows? Maybe this will help Ingram, and I could look like an idiot for criticizing Mr. Walton. I just don’t get the point of keeping him on the bench when he’s suppose to be the center piece of the franchise with Mr. Hotline Bling D’Angelo Russell. I want to be able to turn on my NBA League Pass and see Ingram starting a bright career. Even being a loyal Celtics fan, I can still be excited to see the Lake Show.

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