Boston, “The City Of Champions”. Boston, the home of the four major North-American sports teams that have each captured a championship trophy within the last decade. This is a town that buzzes based on what’s trending upwards, because its residents expect nothing but the best. However, if you split the hairs and really take some time to look around, you quickly realize that the Celtics are the least popular sports team in town among the Bruins, Red Sox, and mostly the Patriots. Its a cold part of the country so playing basketball in the winter is tough for many. The result? A town full of pink hats who claimed to be with us in 2007-2008 but were nowhere to be seen the year before when we couldn’t win consecutive games. That’s okay though, the Celtics were never alone. Us Die-Hard fans are in the bleachers, checking for empty seats on stub hub then moving down to sit next to the couple who got free tickets asking, “What’s a free throw?”. We come from everywhere, from every suburb, from every surrounding city, and from anywhere the train reaches. Commuter rail tickets are expensive in this state, but that never stopped kids from the University of Massachusetts to park their cars at the station and ship on down. Nothing beats the feeling of walking into the Garden, its our favorite place. From the old guy that fist pumpes, to the rooster head guy, to the man with green hair who I’ve had the chance to meet and is a very nice guy by the way,  we go there and expect to see them every game night. (p.s Don’t forget the WhiteMamba, the Goat, Brian Scalibrine.)

Now don’t get me wrong, all Boston fans are loyal to their Celtics. Its just a matter of their attention might be directed towards a different sports team at a different phase of the season. As for us Die-Hard fans? We’re always there. We’re the ones calling 98.5 The Sports Hub to chip in a little Celtics talk after they’ve been going on about hockey for three days straight. We’re the ones that listen to Boston radio and know 90% of the time these guys haven’t watched a single game this season. We’re the ones that walk into the bar and ask the bartender to sacrifice one of his thirty TV’s focused on the Bruins, to put it on the Celtics game on. We’re the ones who keep up with our past players, and chant “KG!” .. “KG!” every time he comes back. We’re the fans that chant “Lets Go Celtics”  minutes after our season is over. We believe in comebacks. We believe in our role players. We’re a community. As an athlete, you don’t come to Boston to be a mega-star. You come to Boston to a part of our winning community. We’re also the ladies who actually know their team and can name 5 players on the roster. Celtics fans are real fans.

Why? We’re the most loyal fans in sports, and Celtics Basketball is winning basketball. Celtics basketball is the best basketball. We are the past, present, and future of NBA basketball.


A personal request from myself to the Die-Hard Fans going to the Garden today, sit in your seats till the last second, no matter what the score is. Sit there with pride and chant, “Let’s Go Celtics” like we always do.



YouTube / NBAVideos2014 – via Iframely