In the offseason, the Atlanta Braves signed Sean Rodriguez to a two-year deal with the thinking that he would be their primary second baseman. Rodriguez is coming off a solid season with the Pirates, where he started at multiple positions for the team. That expectation came to a halt after Rodriguez had surgery for a torn Rotator Cuff he suffered in a car accident. To fix the tear, surgery was the solution. Originally, the recovery time was 3-5 months, but now it seems to be for the whole season.

The Braves will not comment on the status of Rodriguez, but this injury leads to the question, who could replace Rodriguez for the time being?

As you may know, Brandon Phillips was recently acquired by the Braves. Phillips is a solid infielder who played 141 games last year with a batting average of .291. Atlanta also has Jace Peterson, a younger player who has proven to be a good defensive asset. Peterson was not as solid at the plate as Phillips, only batting .254 and hitting 7 HRs. He started and played most of the season for the Braves last year, so it should be interesting to see how this position battle goes down.

Another option could be a talented prospect named Ozzie Albeis. This young star is not fully developed but could possibly taste the MLB if needed. Brandon Phillips and Jace Peterson are both solid players. Both players started and played many games last year. It will be interesting to see how the organization plays this one. There is the veteran who still has the talent to compete and the young gun who has bright future. The battle will be put to the test once Spring Training begins.

Who will make their case to be the next Braves starting second baseman and replace Sean Rodriguez? Comment your thoughts below or engage with us on twitter!






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