Saturday night the UFC will hold its first event in New York at Madison Square Garden, and Conor McGregor will once again be the headline. Only this time, he will be trying to make history as being the only fighter ever to hold two belts simultaneously. Two UFC Hall Of Famers, BJ Penn and Randy Couture have both won belts in two different weight classes before, but they did not hold them at the same time. This Saturday, Conor, who is currently the featherweight champion, will fight the lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez.

With everything Conor has already accomplished in the UFC, if he becomes the only two-weight champion in history, does that make him the best fighter ever? It is definitely a conversation worth having if he can pull it off. I would still say that does not make him better than Anderson Silva or Jon Jones, or even GSP, but he would have a strong argument. I believe Silva could of been a two-weight champ if he wanted to, and Jones will be a two weight champ when he comes back. Thats all coulda, woulda, shoulda. If Conor wins Saturday, he will accomplish it.

Eddie Alvarez is no slouch though. He is a veteran of the MMA world and come into his prime fighting in Bellator having great fights with Michael Chandler and becoming champion. Then he also became the first fighter from Bellator to the UFC and become champion. Everyone doubts him in his fights, and he has beaten a lot of top guys including knocking out the champion Rafael Dos Anjos in the first round after he steam-rolled his way through the division. Eddie has been fighting for a long time and has proven to be tough and grind out victories, which is what he will have to do to walk away with his belt. If Eddie wins, its with his strength and grappling ability and putting Conor on his back. That is still an unanswered question in Conors game. If Eddie can hold him down and work the GSP “lay and pray” technique, he could beat McGregor. I still think in the end the left hand of Conor McGregor will be too much, and Eddie will fall.

The movement of Conor will be too much for Eddie to stick with, and Conor will be able to slip that left hand on his chin and end the fight. The whole night is going to be amazing from the first prelim to the main event, and what better way to cap off the best card ever with history being made in front of our eyes. It will be spectacular to see someone achieve what Conor can achieve, and if Vegas is right, and they usually are, Conor will make history Saturday night in front of a New York crowd thats getting the best night of fights anyone has ever seen. For everyone else not in New York, there has never been a UFC PPV more worth the money than this fight will be, so get your popcorn ready and enjoy! CANT WAIT!





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