I don’t care what the outcome was, the true winner of this 2016 World Series was they Bay Area.

The jokes have finally shifted away from us. The sports Gods have repaid us for our heartbreaks in June. All those “3-1” jokes that Cleveland fans cracked all summer and fall came back to terrorize their worst nightmare.

Sure the Warriors lost that 3-1 lead including the decisive Game 7 at home. But so did the Indians. In fact, Warriors didn’t torture us enough by taking us to extra innings and have us flirt with the idea of a championship. The Indians gave their fans a rollercoaster of emotions during the whole game. What appeared to be a consistent pattern of giving up runs and then cutting down the lead just to end up giving up more runs was present the whole game. Much like the Warriors, the ending to their story was a much bitter one.

Its also important to remember that the Warriors, despite losing Game 7, still made history. Whether or not that adds to the stab wound, it still gives them a place in NBA history. A 73-9 record is something never before seen and it probably won’t be matched for a very long time. The Indians however, are left with nothing. Sure their first division title since 2007 might be symbolic for them but no one outside of Cleveland will care about that in a couple of years. It was an incredible run which unfortunately ended up with nothing for them.

I was rooting for the Cubs who, ironically, beat my Giants. But a team who beats an even year Giants team, beats the hated Dodgers, and helps the sports world “forget “ about the Warrior’s blown 3-1 lead, is worthy of my respect.

All jokes aside I’m very happy for the entire Cubs organization and for the fans who have waited an entire lifetime to watch their team win a title. Rooting for a team who has failed for more than 100 years requires an amount of loyalty and dedication I can’t even begin to imagine. They can finally, for the first time in their life, say their team is a World Series Champions.

In the end, the trophy will go to Chicago. The championship parade will be in Chicago. But in the end, the real winners will continue to be the “Baydestrians” who are no longer the center of the jokes. Karma has been and will continue to be a b***h. Alll the Cleveland fans that clowned us for blowing a 3-1 lead have their mouth shut. The Bay Area got their much needed revenge all thanks to a couple of dudes from Chicago.







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