WWE is going to get extreme tomorrow. WWE Extreme Rules is this Sunday, and the matches have been set. There hasn’t been this much hype for an Extreme Rules PPV since 2012, which was arguably the shows best. Here is the final card with all the matches, as well as my predictions for, what should be, a fun PPV to watch.


Pre-show: Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin: No DQ- The feud between Ziggler and Corbin hasn’t gone very far. They faced off on Raw a couple weeks ago, with Corbin getting the W. This match should be fun to watch. Ziggler makes a great face, and Corbin has really been a great heel. I don’t think it will be the end of this feud. I think it’ll carry on for a few more weeks, even after the match. As much as I think Ziggler needs to get more of a push, I’m picking Baron Corbin to win. He needs the win more, and with the “New Era” in full effect, WWE will look to push the up-and-coming superstar.


The Miz vs. Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn: IC Championship match- Personally, this is my favorite match on the card. The Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens feud has been amazing. They’ve provided great matches with each other, but Kevin Owens keeps getting the win at the end of the day. Cesaro has looked good since coming back from injury. The Miz, as much as I really don’t like him, has looked good in recent weeks since winning the title from Zack Ryder. With all of these guys in one match, it could be the best match of 2016. I’m really pulling for Sami Zayn to pull out the win. I think he needs it, and the fans would love it. It would also add more spice to the feud with Owens, and they can have the two battle over the championship for weeks. However, I don’t think The Miz will lose. He’s been a good heel and him and Maryse have really looked nice together. Therefore, my pick for this match is The Miz.


Charlotte vs. Natalya: Submission Match for Women’s Title: This feud would have been really good… if they had ended the match at Payback in LITERALLY any other way. Other than that, I think they’ve done a nice job with these two feuding. For this match, I have Charlotte winning yet again. I think Ric Flair will find some way to get to ringside and screw over Natalya. Even if he doesn’t, I think there are different women who deserve to actually win the title (no offense to Natalya, I just don’t think she’s the best woman for the job.)


The New Day vs. The Vaudevillains: Tag Team Championship Match- Ahhhhh, The New Day. Right now, you could say, pretty easily, that they are the favorite wrestlers in the WWE, and not a lot of people would disagree with you. They bring tons of excitement, they’re hilarious, and they’re good in the ring. I think they’ll win this match. The only reason is because I think the original match was supposed to be New Day v. Enzo and Big Cass, but then Enzo got hurt. I think New Day will hang on to the titles until Enzo returns, and they start what should be an AMAZING feud with Enzo and Big Cass.


Kalisto vs. Rusev: US Title Match: Kalisto has had a nice run with the US Title, but I don’t think he’s the man to bring the title back to its prestige. Though Kalisto has been the underdog in the feud with Ryback, and still managed to beat him multiple times, I’m gonna have to go with Rusev on this one. Rusev needs to be pushed, especially since the League of Nations disbanded. Rusev is the better man to bring the title back.


Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho: Asylum Match- I actually really like this feud. Jericho is one of the best heels in WWE history. It makes perfect sense to pin the company’s biggest biggest baby face against the company’s greatest heel. They have both cut good promos, and really hyped up this match-up big time. With Jericho destroying Ambrose’s plant, and Ambrose coming back at him by destroying his jacket (PG era problems), they’ve really heated this match-up. Ambrose needs the win more. He hasn’t been too successful in recent PPV, and he really needs the win more than Jericho.


Roman Reigns vs. AJ Styles: Extreme Rules Match for WWE Championship- These guys actually had a great match at Payback. People knew Reigns would win, but they still had a good battle, with Reigns obviously coming out on top. That same night, Stephanie and Shane had announced the two would meet again, at Extreme Rules, in an extreme rules match. As much as they want us to believe Styles has a chance at winning, I don’t see that happening. Reigns is just starting his reign (pun not intended) as the champ. Expect to see The Usos and The Club make an appearance in this match, they’ve really been feuding hard and pushing the two trios against each other. My pick for this match is Reigns.


The Usos vs. Gallows and Anderson: Texas Tornado Tag Match- Really WWE? Again? I’m starting to get sick of seeing these guys face each other. During the SmackDown taping this week, it was announced that Gallows and Anderson will face the Usos in a Texas Tornado Tag match at Extreme Rules. Now in case you don’t know what a Texas Tornado Tag match is, it’s where all 4 participants are in the ring at the same time, so it really isn’t a tag match, per say, but the teams will still be duking it out, yet again. The Usos have had the number of Gallows and Anderson since the start, which really surprised me. If they want The Club to seem all big and scary, they shouldn’t have them get beat by The Usos this many times. This feud really is just being dragged on at this point. WWE needs to give Gallows and Anderson this win, and let them move on to bigger, better things. Therefore, my pick is Gallows and Anderson.




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