Welcome to the second edition of The 3 Count! On this edition, I will be taking a look at the June 20 edition of Raw, as well as rumors that have surfaced in the past few days. Here are the three biggest takeaways from the WWE this week.


  1. The Wyatt Family Returned – On the Monday Night Raw pre-show, it was announced that the Wyatt Family was returning to TV, after being away for a number of months with injuries. This is a BIG announcement for the WWE. The Wyatt’s make the tag team division 110% more interesting, an already stacked division just added a superstar in Bray Wyatt back to the roster. The WWE is starting to become healthy, with names like Seth Rollins, John Cena, and Bray Wyatt returning from injury in the past few weeks.


2. Former WWE Superstars Contacted by WWE¬†– While this announcement didn’t come on Raw, it’s still a major announcement that came out for the WWE. It was reported that the WWE has been contacting former WWE superstars about a return to the WWE, with the brand-split getting ready to take place in July. Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Goldberg, and Rey Mysterio headlining the names, other former wrestlers include Carlito and MVP, have all been contacted by the WWE. Hardy and Mysertio have gone on record saying that they would love to return to the WWE in the future, with Hardy saying this week he wants to end his career in the WWE. Goldberg just signed a deal with WWE and was featured on the cover of WWE 2K17, which, in my opinion, makes him the most likely to make a return to the company. As far as Jeff and TNA goes, TNA is trying to sign him to a nice long deal, but I doubt it will happen, as I said, Jeff wants to return to the WWE, and TNA is struggling to find money to keep the company from going under. If you have any more questions regarding this topic, click the link below.


3. The Shield Triple Threat Match Announced for Battleground¬†– Yeah, you read that right. The main event on Raw was a rematch between Seth Rollins and Roman Regins to determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship. In probably the most predictable ending, both men were counted out after Reigns tackled Rollins over the Spanish announcing table. Shane O’Mac then came out and announced that that isn’t how it’s going to end. Ambrose then said he was willing to take on both men if he had too, so Shane announced that, at Battleground, all of the former members of the Shield would compete for the belt. It’s a little surprising to me to be honest. We all knew this match was more than likely going to happen, but why not have it at SummerSlam? Nonetheless, it should be an insanely good.



Well there you have it! There are the three biggest takeaways from this week in WWE! As far as The 3 Count goes, when Smackdown does go live in July, I’ll be doing takeaways from both Smackdown and Raw, as well as when PPV’s occur. I hope you enjoyed this edition of The 3 Count!


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