Welcome to the very first edition of The 3 Count. I will be bringing you the three biggest takeaways from WWE events, such as Monday Night Raw, Smackdown, NXT, and PPV events. For this particular edition of The 3 Count, we will only be looking at the episode of Monday Night Raw, but future pieces will come later in the week, to cover all of the events put on by WWE. With that being said, here are the three biggest takeaway’s from the June 6th edition of Raw.


  1. The return of Teddy Long- You read that right. Teddy Long is back… kinda. During the opening promo, which featured all of the Money in the Bank participants sitting on top of ladders scattered in the ring, Teddy made his return. The promo started off great, with the highlights being Sami Zayn and Chris Jericho arguing over if/when/where Jericho actually won a MITB ladder match, to Jericho calling everyone “stupid idiots”. The superstars then broke out into a brawl (shocker right), which led to Teddy Long coming out. This then led to Stephanie McMahon quickly following Teddy out. The promo went from great to dreadful in a matter of seconds. Teddy was awful, though he did give us a fatal four-way tag match for the WWE Tag Team Championships (I’ll get to that later). It is unknown if Teddy is here to stay, and I would say it’s unlikely that he does, but it was quite a surprise to see Teddy back on Raw. It does, however, pose an interesting thought. Could WWE just be bringing back former GM’s from when the first brand split occurred? It would be fun to see all the past GM’s make a comeback, in an attempt to get there old job back.


2. The AJ Styles/John Cena promo- The WWE just cut one of the best promos of 2016 on Raw, seriously. To sum up the promo, Cena came out to confront The Club about the attack last week. Styles came out, and they exchanged words. AJ told Cena that he “couldn’t beat him” while mocking Cena’s “You can’t see me” motion, and that “guys like you bury guys like me”, which was the main highlight of the promo, because it’s simply 100% true.

Cena did tell AJ that his jokes were “more outdated than my jorts”, which got a good laugh from the crowd. The Club then surrounded Cena in the ring, until The New Day rushed to Cena’s aid. The hype for this match is starting to become VERY real, and could be the real main event at MITB.


3. Fatal Fourway Tag Match announced for the Tag Team Titles- As mentioned earlier, Teddy Long’s surprise return wasn’t a complete waste. In a backstage segment with Stephanie McMahon, Teddy gave her the idea of a Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Championship match at MITB. The teams include The New Day (obviously), The Vaudevillians, Enzo and Big Cass, and Gallows and Anderson. The match certainly seems like it could be a big hit, Enzo and Cass are fan favorites and so are The New Day. Gallows and Anderson haven’t really been taken seriously since coming to the WWE, so this finally gives them there shot to prove they’re a force to be messed with. Then there are the Vaudevillians.

All around, this episode of Raw wasn’t that bad. The fans still have many questions about the brand-split, but I’m sure the questions will be answered in the coming weeks. As for Money in the Bank, it’s shaping up to be a PPV that us fans can look forward too, and with weeks to go until the actual event, it could get even more interesting.





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